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Lately, when I go to bed, I play Chinese poker on my iPhone until I get drowsy. At one point I was up $14 on my “computer genius” opponent.It’s just that occasionally I have the urge to beat the everlovin’ crap out of smiley computer-generated pixies and impersonal digital interfaces. Poker Bad Beats: Videos from Youtube: WPT S4 - Borgata … Bad Beats in Poker: We all get them handed to us, and not only do we lose the money, but everyone goes on tilt for at least a hand or two so we can lose more of our poker bankroll! Watch these Poker Bad Beats! Borgata Summer Poker Open 2013

Bad Beat Stories. Got a Bad bet story you want to share with the world but are to tight to put it on a t-shirtPlease don't submit how you went all in with a pair of fives when the board had four to the flush and complain cause somebody got a flush with a two of hearts cause that's not a bad beat that's just...

Poker Strategy With Matt Matros: Tips For Lower Buy-In Events - Poker ... Jan 22, 2015 ... In Event One of the Borgata Poker Open, I busted very deep as one of the ... and then when we return to the table he takes a bad beat and proceeds ... that they have to either relax their standards, or forever get blinded away. BORGATA SPRING POKER OPEN 2011: Event 14: Hand For Hand

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Bad Beat Jackpot hits at Borgata Poker Room for $617,524 ... In poker, a "bad beat" is a hand in which a player with what appear to be strong cards loses. ... Community Rules apply to all content ... Bad Beat Poker Jackpot Hit At Borgata Casino For $332,544

You know everything there is to know about the Borgata Poker Open, you’ve been playing, living and following it for a week now, but you probably don’t know about the GSSS. The GSSS is a 60 Event series on that is guaranteeing $1,000,000 in prize pools across the entire series. The series, running from September 7-21st will

It was a long hard fight from some guy’s who appreciate their anonymity, but the final three for Cabot Bad Beat for Hunger poker tournament at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa are: ‘Ist place – Jeremiah Jancik wins $7,893 plus a $3,500 buy-in for the Borgata Poker Open. Second place – Gus R. -wins $4,285. Third place – George Rwins $2,706. Poker - Bad Beat Jackpot blow up...Borgata Borgata now has a bad beat jackpot...$125,000 I believe. Both players have to use BOTH CARDS IN HAND, and have to lose with quad 2's or better I think...2-5NL game. Borgata Poker Player's Series | Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa ... Not surprising though, as he’s again proved his standing in the Borgata Poker history books, notching his seventh major tournament win, further cementing that the Borgata is “his house”. That concludes our coverage of the $100,000 GTD Borgata Poker Player’s Series. Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion The Bad Beat is only available on hands where 4 or more players are dealt into the hand. In order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, the players must lose in a hand where they hold a 4 of a kind Jacks, or a better hand. Both hole cards must be included in the Bad beat hand, as well as in the winning hand. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be divided ...