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Free Bet Blackjack is a blackjack variant by game inventor Geoff Hall. The twist to this one is the player doesn't have to risk his own money when splitting or doubling (most of the time). It is like playing with a generous boyfriend at the table who makes all the supplemental bets for you and lets you keep the winnings.

Play LIVE Blackjack with up to £100 Welcome Bonus — Live Blackjack dealers for the real casino experience Play now (T&Cs apply) Bonus Blackjack - Rules, Strategies & Bets | Online Blackjack Bonus Blackjack is an online blackjack game that allows side bets and bonuses to come into play. Learn how to play, the rules, strategy, and bets. Silver Sands Poker - Blackjack

Blackjack Switch is a casino gambling game invented by Geoff Hall and patented in 2009. It is based on blackjack, but differs in that two hands, rather than one, are dealt to each playing position, and the player is initially allowed to exchange ("switch") the top two cards between hands.

How bad is this bet, and can it be optimized by abandoning BJ bs altogether and playing a "hit any stiff" strategy, where the player would also never split or double down on the BJ bet, and pursue the "push" (with max $25 bet) exclusively? I didn't see this bet in the "Side Bet" section. SG Gaming - Free Bet Blackjack If they end up winning the hand, players get paid as if they had made a traditional split or double, even though they didn’t put any additional money at risk. This game is also available with the Pot of Gold™, Push 22™, and Blazing 7’s Blackjack™ Progressive side bets.

Apr 27, 2015 ... Casinos in Las Vegas offered a side bet on the tie. How it works is if the dealer and ... Last edited by ACFERRET; 04-29-2015 at 01:22 PM. ... I have a hilo strategy for a 4d s17 game withthe tie bet side bet aka "push your luck"

Free Bet Blackjack changes concept about 22. The game is owned by Bally Technologies and invented by Geoff Hall, who also gave us Blackjack Switch. Geoff’s key patent covers the concept of the dealer pushing on a 22. This means that any player hands that have not busted (and were not a Natural Blackjack) will push if the dealer busts with a final count of 22. Blackjack Side Bets - Rules & Payouts for Blackjack Side Bets 21 + 3 Side Bet. The 21+3 side bet in blackjack is based on the first two cards you’re showing and the dealer’s face card. If the combination of these cards are a straight, a flush, a straight flush, or a three of a kind, you win your side bet. The house edge on these games ranges from over 2% to somewhat over 3%. Side bet question- Push the dealer - Blackjack and Card ... Overall this has a very small house edge and is a much smaller house edge than just playing blackjack under the bad rules at this particular casino. HOWEVER, the game near me has a difference: splitting the tie bet is always optional. In the Wizard's strategy splitting the side bet is mandatory with any split. Side Bet: Push - Blackjack - Gambling - Page 1 - Forums ...

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Push 22. If the dealer busts with a point total of 22, any bets you have left in action are pushes. Note: Player blackjacks are paid before the dealer hits out his hand, so they are exempt from the Push 22 rule. Pot of Gold. Place a wager on the Pot of Gold bet spot. The more lammers you collect, the more you win. Push Pays 10:1 Side Bet - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums If they had a side-bet of 3-2 for BJ, would the overall player advantage increase by $50*1.5=$75=150%? Not if you only make that 150% 5 times in 100 kind of thing. Say you get to make 100 side 10-1 push bets. That's great, you make 3.8% on every one of them. The problem is you have to play 10000 hands to get 94.4 winning push bets. Get To Know Free Bet Blackjack - blackjackonline.com